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Vision Helps Boys with Reactive Attachment Disorder

Vision Boys Academy understands how you can help your pre–teen boy if he suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder (or RAD), a rare but serious condition that leaves him unable to form a healthy emotional attachment with a parent (or primary caregiver). Reliable care of a baby’s physical and emotional needs enables them to learn to bond, and devoid of that (i.e.: from temporary foster care, adoption), they may have difficulty establishing any close bonds.

There are two types of RAD (sometimes also known as Reactive Attachment Disorder).  You may notice your pre-teen acting detached, unemotional, inhibited or introverted.  Or, with the other kind of RAD, they might be unbecomingly familiar or affectionate with complete strangers.

Many Past and Current Students Have Reactive Attachment Disorders

Often, adopted children exhibit attachment disorders in their pre-teen years. And we specialize in helping adopted boys overcome these issues. A stable and sustaining environment is necessary for your pre-teen boy to learn to create healthy attachments and relationships.  Our emphasis on family therapy is also critically important in the treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder, encouraging regular communication between you and your son.  We truly want to help families unite and grow with one another.

We Want to Help Your Struggling Young Boy

At Vision Boys Academy, we believe that a program of consistent daily living can help your struggling young boy learn how to make the right decisions. Some boys simply need to learn the love of Christ. Some need a more concentrated effort to catch up in school. Some need to learn the importance of respecting others–and themselves. And some just need a change of environment, away from negative peers and distractions.

That’s why Vision Boys Academy focuses on providing a nurturing learning environment for struggling young boys, in a safe, daily structured program that promotes personal, emotional, spiritual and academic growth. One on one discussions and daily interaction with trained staff significantly adds to each boy’s development as he heals and grows.


Leading at-risk boys, ages 8-12, to be Godly and upright young men–that’s our purpose!

We want to help your boy struggling with Reactive Detachment Disorder.
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