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Vision Helps Boys Suffering with Anxiety

Want to find a good boarding school for your young boy who struggles with Anxiety? Vision Boys Academy in Sarcoxie, MO understands that you want to find a safe, positive environment where he can change and grow! And we’re here to help your boy, and your family.

That’s why Vision Boys Academy focuses on providing a nurturing learning environment for struggling young boys, in a daily structured program that promotes personal, emotional, spiritual and academic growth. One on one discussion and daily interaction with staff significantly impacts his development as he heals and grows.

Why Does Anxiety Happen?

Vision Boys Academy therapists and staffers know how challenging the adolescent years in a young boy’s life can be as they go through various stages of physical and emotional development. The National Institute of Mental Health states anxiety is a normal reaction to stress; in general, it helps the person to cope. However, when anxiety becomes an excessive irrational dread of everyday situations, it has become a disabling disorder.

 Dacey and Fiore in their book Your Anxious Child reports that between 8 and 10 percent of American children and adolescents are seriously troubled by anxiety and it is currently the most prevalent psychiatric diagnosis in those sixteen years old and younger.

Parents of an anxious teen sometimes find it difficult to know whether a boy’s worries are harmless “what ifs” or if he has a serious problem. For an anxious teen, normal activities can become stressful and challenging, and seem like a mountain they have to climb.

There are various types of anxiety disorders that children and teens will experience such as social phobia, agoraphobia, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, to name a few.

Anxiety Symptoms

Social phobias tend to surface during adolescent years especially among excessively shy teens. Boys will avoid social situations even among their peers because they feel they’ll perform badly or be embarrassed.

Agoraphobia: Teens who suffer from agoraphobia may experience strong anxiety when they find themselves in circumstances in which they feel vulnerable. They feel they’ll be criticized if they walk away from a difficult situation therefore, they dwell on the feelings of being trapped. Teens with agoraphobia feel safest at home which will sometimes disrupt their lives and their family’s life.

Panic Disorder: Some symptoms of panic disorder are increased heart rate, sweating, chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, feelings of unrealistic detachment from self and fear of losing control or going crazy. 

Generalized anxiety disorder: Symptoms are restlessness, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, irritability and sleep disturbance. 

Obsessive compulsive disorder: A young boy or teen will try washing his hands, counting and checking everything twice before leaving the house.

We Want to Help Your Young Boy Struggling with Anxiety

At Vision Boys Academy, we believe that a program of consistent daily living can help your struggling young boy learn how to make the right decisions. Some boys simply need to learn the love of Christ. Some need a more concentrated effort to catch up in school. Some need to learn the importance of respecting others–and themselves. And some just need a change of environment.

That’s why Vision Boys Academy focuses on providing a nurturing learning environment for struggling young boys, in a safe, daily structured program that promotes personal, emotional, spiritual and academic growth. 

Plus…young boys at Vision Boys Academy enjoy outdoor activities on our 27-acre campus that includes a fishing pond, basketball court, and weight-lifting area. Boys live in a comfortable dorm, able to house 12-15 boys in a safe, caring environment monitored by staff 24/7. Students and staff enjoy healthy meals together every day in our family-style cafeteria. Boys attend classes, Monday through Friday, in our newly updated schoolhouse. Vision staff and their families also live on-campus in housing attached to the school

Leading at-risk boys, ages 8-12, to be Godly and upright young men–that’s our purpose!

We want to help your boy deal with his anxiety issues.
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