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Vision Boys Academy Boarding School in Missouri

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At Vision Boys Academy struggling pre-teen boys (ages 8-12 yrs) can learn how to deal with hurtful issues, and live bitterness, anger, laziness or disrespect, he can learn to make better choices. Then he can focus on what’s really important in his life.

The experienced Christian boarding school in Missouri staff helps struggling pre-teen boys move past trauma, adoption issues, and end negative influences, before it’s too late. Vision Boys Academy boarding school in Missouri helps struggling pre-teen boys who suffer from RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), as well as at-risk boys who are in need of a change in environment, detached from the internet and harmful relationships.

The structured, affordable program at Vision Boys Academy boarding school in rural Missouri works one on one with at-risk boys in a small residential home and Christian boarding school setting. Because Vision Boys Academy boarding school in Missouri’s director and staff lives with the boys on-site, 24/7, they know when a young boy breaks the rules. He then receives immediate, age-appropriate consequences to correct his negative behavior. For example, if a struggling pre-teen boy talks back, argues, criticizes authority or others, he’s told to do 10 push-ups, 10 jumping jacks, or 10 squats. If these simple consequences correct his behavior, he can go back to his regular activities. The purpose is to help boys accept responsibility for their negative behavior and return to daily life.

Once a struggling pre-teen boy understands and accepts responsibility for his actions, then that young man can make some lasting life changes. Each year, at least 12-15 young boys benefit from the personal attention and accountability this small Christian Boarding school in Missouri provides. The safe, daily structured program supports his personal, spiritual and academic growth. He can interact with Vision’s director and caring staff daily as they share healthy meals, outdoor activities, and school studies. Each struggling pre-teen boy also receives individual counseling. Past personal encounters with adoption, rebellion and academic troubles helps Victory’s director and staff connect with at-risk boys–and their families.

Young boys at Victory Boys Academy boarding school in Missouri live an active, healthy, family lifestyle. They can mend and improve how they handle school, too! Struggling pre-teen boys at Vision’s Boarding school in Missouri enjoy a 27-acre campus in rural Missouri that features a fishing pond, basketball court, and weight-lifting area. Students live in comfortable dorm, able to house 12-15 at-risk boys in a safe, environment monitored by staff 24/7. Boys enjoy healthy meals three times a day sitting and talking in a family-style cafeteria. And the friendly interaction spreads as Victory staff and their families live on-campus and share meals with students.

Another important part of Victory Boys Academy’s daily structure includes Accelerated Christian Education classes in a newly updated schoolhouse. Boys complete the ACE accredited curriculum online, based on his ability and level of study. Then, when he returns home he can re-enter school and achieve greater goals academically. Vision Boys Academy Boarding school in Missouri aims to lead at-risk boys to be Godly, upright young men. That’s why Vision’s Christian boarding school in Missouri program includes daily Bible stories, related personal devotions and other spiritual enrichment. These time-tested practices help struggling pre-teen boys at Vision Boys Academy open their hearts and minds to God’s biblical truth and endless love. One-on-one discussions with Vision’s understanding staff also encourage each boy’s growth into a Godly young man.

Vision Boys Academy boarding school in Missouri wants to help your family find healing and restoration.

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