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Academics at Vision Boys Academy Christian Boarding School for Young At-Risk Boys

The Vision Boys Academy offers specialized education for students ages 8-12 using Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) Curriculum. A.C.E. is:

  • Faith Based – Students learn Scripture and Godly Character on every page.

  • Individualized – Students are diagnosed where they are and placed at a level where they can succeed without being lock-stepped with any other student.

  • Accelerated – Students work at their own pace in each subject, so they can easily catch up if they have prior academic struggles in an area.

  • Mastery Based – Students must demonstrate an understanding of each concept before continuing to the next.

  • Reinforced Review – Students will review and be tested on each concept to ensure long-term retention.

Vision Boys Academy uses the A.C.E. Curriculum to complement its goal of offering an educational environment for boys in a safe, daily structured program that promotes personal, spiritual and academic growth.

Vision Boys Academy also offers scholarships on a case-by-case basis.