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Affordable Therapeutic Boarding School With Big Benefits for Preteen Boys!

Welcome to the Vision Boys Academy! We are a small Christian boarding school for young boys, ages 8-12. Being a small school allows us to have much more affordable tuition than most boarding schools. We also can work with each boy student, during group discussions! Smaller schools may not be a great fit for everyone, but some boys really do benefit from being in a smaller program with open enrollment.

With the rapid changes in our society, it’s becoming harder and harder to live a clean, Godly life. Internet technology opens many doors to entertainment and activities boys can easily access, and blur the line between what is right, and what is wrong. At Vision Boys Academy, a Christian boarding school for young boys, your son will have the opportunity to focus on what’s important in life.

If your boy can learn to confront his problems–whether it’s bitterness, anger, laziness, or disrespect–he can learn how to change these areas of his life. Our goal for boys enrolled at Vision Boys Academy is to help them with their issues, and transition back to a healthy family unit.

We believe that a program of consistent daily living can help your struggling young boy learn to make the right decisions. Some boys simply need to learn the love of Christ. Some need a more concentrated effort on getting caught up in school. Some need to learn the importance of respecting others and themselves. And some just need a change of environment.

Whatever your case may be, please give us a call. We can discuss whether or not your son would be a good fit for our program. If your boy is not a good fit, we will refer you to some other programs.

A Letter From Executive Director – Shawn Parker

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Dealing with boys 12 & under is a little different than boys 12 & up–especially 8, 9, & 10-year-olds.

Young boys tend to live in the moment. They’re concerned with what is going on right NOW. That’s why we use age-appropriate consequences. If you tell a young boy that he is grounded for a week, or that he will face consequences for a week, then that young boy will meltdown, give up, throw in the towel, and quit. When a young boy breaks the rules at VBA, we give them immediate, age-appropriate, light consequences. For example, do 10 push-ups, 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats. We use this form of correction for negative behavior, such as talking back, arguing, being critical of authority or others. If these light consequences correct their behavior, then they are allowed to resume regular activities. The goal is to get them to accept responsibility for their negative behavior and get back to daily life.

When we have our group counseling, every other week, we can address the behavior causing all the consequences. The advantage that we have over parents is that we literally are with the boys 24/7. We can deal with all of their behavior, consistently.

Parents cannot give each and every child their undivided attention all day long. Whenever a child feels they need all the attention, then the family unit tends to break down. That’s why just having someone with these boys 24/7, in a very structured program, impacts their thoughts and actions. Our goal is to get boys to a place where they can learn to manage their emotions and learn to be responsible.

Once we get a young man to identify and accept responsibility for his actions, then we can help that young man make some lasting changes. That’s also when the Nouthetic (Biblical) counseling starts making an impact.