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Vision Boys Academy completely restored my life and my family. I feel like I
am a whole new person. My life has been saved!

boarding school for young boys


Curriculum for Boys Age 12 and Under Christian-Based Programs

Walking, Talking, Heart To Heart

With struggling boys 8-12 years old.

Vision Boys Academy focuses on building effective communication with each boy, and his parent. Personal experiences with adoption, rebellion and academic troubles help us connect and relate one on one. Leading at-risk boys, enrolling ages 8-12, to be Godly and upright young men – that’s our purpose!

Where Struggling Boys Learn Respect, Happiness, And Joy

Vision wants to help struggling boys who:
  • Suffer from not being able to form healthy emotional relationships with birth or adoptive parents, including RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder),
  • Are unable to remain focused, ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Display signs of early rebellion, refuses to obey, shows argumentative behavior, ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder),
  • Simply need a change of environment, separated from the negative impact of internet addictions, and harmful relationships.
Johnny’s Story

I came to Vision Boys Academy one year ago at age 11 and was grossly overweight. Before going to Vision, I would sit at home, steal snacks all day and play video games. But that way of life changed when I joined Vision Boys Academy—no video games, no sitting around all day. We all stuck to a schedule that included lots of activities, and good food! After a year, I’ve lost 130 pounds, and I’m a lot more confident about my studies (ranked as the third highest student). All because of the positive change and daily structure they gave me at Vision. — Johnny.

boys ranch for troubled boys

A Heart For Troubled And Adopted Boys

Boys at Vision Boys Academy enjoy outdoor activities on our 27-acre campus that includes a fishing pond, basketball court, and weight-lifting area. Boys live in a comfortable dorm, able to house 12-15 boys in a safe, caring environment monitored by staff 24/7. Students and staff enjoy healthy meals together every day in our family-style cafeteria. Boys attend classes, Monday through Friday, in our newly updated schoolhouse. Vision staff and their families also live on-campus in housing attached to the school.

With a heart for adopted boys, Vision Boys Academy’s Director, Shawn Parker earned his BS degree from Oklahoma Baptist College. As an ordained Baptist minister, he provides Bible-based counseling to each boy as they interact daily on-site. He also keeps parents up to date on their son’s progress with a personal phone call every other week.


boys ranch for troubled boys

Life Skills For At-Risk Boys As They Prepare For Teenage Years

Vision Boys Academy’s focus is on providing a nurturing learning environment for at-risk boys, in a safe, daily structured program that promotes personal, spiritual, and academic growth. Group discussions and interaction with trained staff significantly contribute to each boy’s development into a fruitful, godly young man.

Vision Academy Endorsements

“Troubled boys really find the help they need at Vision Boys Academy. We see changed lives, and new hearts, open to God’s purpose and plan when we interact with them in our community!”

Pastor Matt, Heritage Baptist Church

“To see boys’ lives changed for the better is the heart of Vision Boys Academy and the reason we refer young boys there regularly. The program is excellent.”

Charlie Faulkner

Vision Academy Testimonials

Vision Boys Academy has been a blessing to me because I got another chance to know God.

– Gunter

I thank my mother for loving me enough to send me to Vision Boys Academy, and God for loving me enough to give me another chance.

– Mark
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